Collision Repair Services

“I’ve had an accident. Will my car ever be the same?”

Restoring your car or truck back to its pre-accident condition is our highest priority. Yes it will be the same, and we’ll guarantee it for life.

No other auto body shop in the Kalispell area has made the investment in training that we have.


Factory correct body, frame & unibody repair

In our opinion, producing quality collision repairs goes way beyond a shiny paint job and slick detailing job. It’s the little things that the customer can’t see that counts. Like pulling a car’s unibody to within the precise factory tolerances, and applying corrosion protection properly to the inside of a panel and matching spot welds in size and quantity to a factory panel.

We like to say, “Quality means doing the right thing, when nobody is looking”. It’s what you can trust us to do, always.


Factory finish & color matching

We have the ability to computer mix and tint thousands of colors. However, even with all the modern technology we employ, the most important component in the process is the skilled eye of an expert painter.

But again, the most important part of a quality auto finish is the part you never see. It’s in the proper panel preparation and sub-coats that build the foundation of quality paint work. The stuff we can guarantee for life.


Lifetime Guarantee

A companies warranty is only as good as the people providing it.

The true mark of a good company is how they handle problems when they arise. Any service company can elevate themselves from zero to hero by how they address their customer’s problems after a repair.

More manufacturer certifications than any shop in the Flathead Valley

Certified Assured Perfromance
ProFirst Certified
Hyundai Certified
I-CAR Certified
GM Certified
Ford Certified
Kia Certified
MOPAR Certified
Nissan Certified